How To Submit A Ticket

Submit a request

         The Support Team is always happy to assist so please feel free to reach out to us via submitting a ticket. We are here to take feedback, troubleshoot account issues, and answer any questions you may have during your time with Crowdtap. For best practices, please browse our articles for detailed information before sending in a support ticket, and do not send in multiple tickets on the same issue. We usually respond within 48 business.



To Submit A Request:

  • Check and see if there is an article on the subject. Articles are a great way to self-inform and learn of Crowdtaps' expectations from our members. 
  • Visit which takes you directly to the ''Submit a Request'' form. 
    • This page can also be found by visiting, selecting 'Help' at the bottom of the page, and then ''Submit a Request''.


    • By logging in to your Crowdtap profile and selecting ''Support'' on the left-hand side. 



  • Fill out the form by entering all applicable information.


    • Your email address- The email that you want the reply to be sent to. This can be the same, or differ from your Crowdtap profile's email.
    • Description- The issue you need assistance with. Please be as detailed as possible.
    • Priority- Normal or High is fine, tickets are answered in the order in which they are received.
    • Category- Please choose the option that best aligns with your request.
    • Email Associated with Account- The email that your Crowdtap account is under.
    • Attachments- Please include any screenshots here.
  • Note: You will receive an auto-reply indicating that we have received your request. No further action is needed until you receive the reply from a member of the Support Team. 


  • Please expect a response within 48 business hours, feel free to continue the conversation if you have any follow-up concerns/questions. Do not send in separate additional requests, this prolongs response time.
  • Once the issue has been resolved, please respond to the satisfaction survey and feel free to include any additional feedback.


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