Why Is My Account Disabled?

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     Disabling accounts is our least favorite task here at Crowdtap. However it is required to ensure that brands are receiving insightful feedback and our honest members are making the most out of their opportunities. With that being said, we regularly screen all survey responses for low quality and our clients regularly post attention checks to ensure that members are carefully reading each question and responding thoughtfully and honestly. 

Here are the best practices to prevent account deactivation:

  • Read and respond carefully and honestly.
    • You are never disqualified from our surveys so there is no need to rush or provide dishonest reponses. Doing so may cause you to select contradictory response choices which is a sign of inattentiveness. We understand that opinions may change over time, but our attention check scenarios provide clear indication of inattentive or disingenuous behavior.
  • Skip surveys that you are not interested in.
    • We understand that the points may be tempting. But please do not breeze through a survey that does not apply to you, or that you have 0 interest in. Doing so leads to low quality open ended responses and inconsistent choices. We pay more attention than you may think!
  • Limit distractions while Crowdtapping.
    • We know that the app makes it convenient to Crowdtap on the go, but we ask that you limit your distractions while responding. We trust our members and have a forgiving nature, but our quality rules apply no matter the situation and we reserve the right to permanently deactivate an account at any stage. 
  • Create and maintain only 1 Crowdtap account.
    • If you realize that you have created a duplicate account, please reach out to us to have the extra account(s) deleted. Creating numerous accounts is an indication of trying to "game the system'' which we take very seriously. Not only does this deny our clients diverse and varied feedback, it also takes response/point opportunities away from our honest members. 
  • Refrain from using Crowdtap while traveling abroad
    • Right now Crowdtap is US based and our platform does not allow access from outside the US. To prevent a frustrating user experience and potentially getting flagged as ineligible because of your location, we ask that our members refrain from using Crowdtap when traveling outside the country.
  • Respond to all types of questions.
    • We encourage our members to respond to all types of  opportunities Crowdtap has to offer. Consistently avoiding some types of questions is suspicious behavior that can increase the likelihood of account deactivation. 

If your account was disabled, please submit a request to the Support Team for reactivation eligibility. 


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