What's My Gift Card Status?

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There is now an even better way to track and redeem gift cards on Crowdtap thanks to the latest update. This article will highlight the new features and how to redeem your gift cards.



On the desktop version of Crowdtap, you can now go to the Redeem page to the Reward Status tab to redeem and check on the progress of your gift. Along with a few other great updates, please see below:




  • On the Redeem Status page, you'll find a progress bar for requested gift cards. The statuses are:

    • Requested
    • Approved 
    • Denied
    • Email Pending 
    • Points Returned (shows when a members points were returned for a denied gift card)
  • You have the ability to click into the progress bar to view more information or contact support.

  • Sort your gift cards by any category:

    • Card Name
    • Value
    • Points, etc. 
  • See information for past redeemed gift cards like:

    • Gift card name
    • Amount
    • Date Redeemed
  • You can now see when your points were returned for a denied gift card:


  • Shows when the gift card email was sent successfully:



⚠️ Please Note: A your gift card status is only available on a desktop or web browser at this time.


Mobile App:

We've also added a Reward Status tab in the navigation bar where you can go to access the Rewards Status page on the mobile web browser.




  • There is now a section for Charities where you can go to donate to a charity or cause of your choice:



⚠️ Please note: Once you have redeemed your gift card, you'll need to go to crowdtap.com  (or open it on a mobile web browser) to track your reward status.



Feel free to reach out to our Support Team if you have any other questions and as always, we will do our best to assist.


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