Crowdtap® interviews

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If you've received an email from Crowdtap® asking you to schedule a time for a live video interview, we're here to answer all your questions.

Is this real? 

Absolutely! If the email is coming from, the interview request is legitimate.

Why am I being asked to participate in a video interview? 

Sometimes surveys aren't enough! While questions on Crowdtap® give brands an idea of what you think, feel and purchase, live interviews can help them learn why.

What is the interview about? 

In the email you received, you’ve been provided with a general idea of the topic of the interview (e.g. travel, energy drinks, etc). We can’t provide you with the list of questions ahead of your interview, but if you have any questions for us before scheduling an interview email

Who is interviewing me?

Your interviewer will always introduce themselves at the beginning of your call. The interviewer is not from Crowdtap® and is only there to hear your opinion. There are no wrong answers!

Will I be rewarded for my time?

Of course – this is our favorite part! You can pick a reward from any of the options Crowdtap® offers. After the interview is complete, you’ll receive an email with your gift card information.

How can I schedule an interview? 

Click the button or link to schedule an interview from your email and available time slots will appear. Choose the time that works best for you, add your name & email, and you’re good to go. Just show up during your scheduled time.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule? 

After you schedule an interview, you’ll get a confirmation email from Calendly. In that email, there are links to reschedule or cancel. Please note that if you cancel or don’t show up, you won't be rewarded.

How do I join the interview?

You'll receive two reminder emails – 1 day before and 1 hour before your interview. Those emails will include a link to join the video interview. Be sure you have a device that has a camera (laptop, desktop with a webcam, or smartphone). Sit somewhere comfortable, have a glass of water handy, and try to minimize any excess noise or distractions during your interview.

What should I keep in mind during my interview?

There are no wrong answers during your interview! Always be honest and provide as much detail as possible. The more talkative you are, the easier it is for brands to learn from your experiences and point of view.