Does Crowdtap Have A Way To Refer Friends?

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     We rely on our members to help spread the word about Crowdtap and now there is something in it for you and your referrals! Please follow the steps below to not only give 100 points to your referrals- but also receive 100 points when they redeem their first gift card! Yes, you heard that right, we are rewarding you & your referral 100 points each once they make their first redemption.




How it works on desktop:

  • Follow this link and enter the emails of people you want to share Crowdtap® with.


  • When your friends sign up, they’ll instantly receive 100 points.
  • When your friends redeem their first gift card, you’ll get 100 points, too.*
  • Track your referrals' progress on the refer a friend page.



How it works on the app:

  • Select your profile pic in the app to open the settings menu where you will have the option to ''Refer a Friend.''


  • Selecting Refer-a-friend will bring you a page where you can ''Invite friends'' and ''Track your referrals.''


  • Selecting ''Invite Friends'' will open the options on your device for sharing your referral link.*


  • Here is an example of the link being sent via text:



  • You will be notified when your referral signs up and receive an additional notification when they redeem their first gift card.


Rules of the Road:

  • You can invite up to 10 friends per week.
  • Referrals must complete sign up through the *referral link in order to participate. There is no option to enter a referral code with a direct sign up.
  • After your friend redeems their first gift card, your 100 bonus points* could take up to 7 days to be reflected on your account.
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