Why You See This Warning Message

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       If you have seen either of these messages, it means that we have reason to believe you have violated our Crowdtap’s Community Guidelines by submitting a low-quality response. Please review the Community Guidelines thoroughly to be sure you understand the type of participation we’re looking for from our members.


       The message is just a warning - it does NOT mean that any points have been removed or that your account has been suspended. It does mean that the Crowdtap team is watching your activity so be sure you are on your best behavior! We really appreciate those insightful opinions and regularly screen our surveys to remove low-quality responses. This helps to ensure that our brands are receiving truly insightful opinions. If you repeatedly fail to adhere to the Community Guidelines, your account may be suspended permanently.

       Want to know more about how to respond to surveys on Crowdtap so you don’t violate the Community Guidelines? Please enjoy the informative video below. Any questions, concerns, or feedback? Contact your Crowdtap Support team.



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