How Do I Redeem My Points For A Gift Card?

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    So, you've put in the work and are ready to turn the points that your opinions have earned into cold, hard gift cards? Congratulations, you are now enjoying the full Crowdtap experience!




    We love rewarding our members for their constant participation! In order to redeem those awesome gift cards, you first need to verify your account. If you have not already, visit our article on "Verifying Your Account" for more information. Already verified? Perfect! All you need to do is earn enough points to redeem the gift card of your choosing. 

     Most gift cards start at 1,000 points for $5 and you can work your way up to a $25 gift card. Right now this is our highest value available. If you are unable to redeem, please double-check the amount for the gift card you selected. As always, remember gift cards take up to 48 business hours to arrive in your email.


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