Community guidelines

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We’re so happy to have you as a member of the Crowdtap® community! Your participation helps brands you know and love make decisions about new products, advertising, packaging, and more.



In order to make sure everyone gets the most out of Crowdtap®, we ask that you know and follow our have community guidelines. Failure to adhere to these community guidelines or our terms of service can result in a warning or your account being suspended.

Answer the question being asked. Be sure you always read the question thoroughly before you answer and that your answer is thorough and on topic.

Be thorough and honest. Try to write in complete sentences and provide as much detail as possible. If a brand asks you a two-part question, answer both parts and if you are asked to list items, try to name at least three. You should never have a one or two word answers unless the survey specifies you to do so. Please be completely honest - you won’t earn extra points because you answer what you think we want to hear.

Don’t speed through questions. Slow down and take the time to provide thoughtful answers that are insightful to your opinions as a consumer. Try to think of the company or brand surveying you to be sure that they are getting something useful from your response.

You have the right to not answer any questions at your discretion. You are not forced to answer every question on Crowdtap®. Don’t want to participate? Just hit skip or close out of the survey. It will be removed from your dashboard once the survey expires. Non-answers like "I prefer not to say" or "I don't want to talk about it" will be flagged as low quality. 

One account per person. Creating multiple accounts will lead to your membership being suspended. If you are locked out of an account or email, please contact us that we can help. 

You cannot impersonate another user or person. You are not allowed to mask your identity or pretend to be someone else. We allow multiple users in 1 household to have Crowdtap® accounts, but you are not allowed to share accounts or points.

No offensive, violent, obscene, or derogatory answers will be tolerated. This means no swearing, slurs, threats, or pornography are allowed. This kind of behavior will result in an automatic suspension of your account with no warning.

Do not infringe on others’ intellectual property or privacy. For example, if you are asked to submit a photo, you cannot submit a photo you did not take. You also cannot provide information about another person in a way that infringes on their right to privacy.

You must pass our security system. In order to protect the integrity of Crowdtap® we have security measures in place to detect suspicious activity. Your login must pass this system in order to access our platform.

You must live in the United States of America and be at least 13 years old

Crowdtap® reserves the right to suspend or cancel your account or points if we find you violate any part of the Community Guidelines.

Have more questions? Contact our support team or read through the Crowdtap® Terms of Service.

We recommend reading through our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service if you have questions about how Crowdtap collects, handles or processes your personal information.