Why Was My Verification Denied?

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     If you have received the message that your account verification has been denied, this means our third-party system could not find your information in any public records. Specifically, your name, birth date, and address do not match any public records


     To protect the Crowdtap community's integrity and ensure all gift cards are earned fairly, we match the personal information you provide with public records (i.e., residence files and telephone numbers) to confirm your identity. Our system pulls the matches, and then our team manually reviews them to minimize errors. 


     We understand that your information may be correct; however, it was denied due to not appearing in a public database. We suggest providing the information shown on any government-issued documents such as an ID or Driver's License to help you through this process. Even if this is not your most up to date address, this is the information that is most likely connected to your name, and that will show up in a verification search. Many members get denied for simple things such as using:

  •  A temporary address or PO Box 
  • Their maiden name or nickname 
  • A new address they just moved into


     Members could also be denied verification due to having multiple accounts on Crowdtap, which is against our Terms of Service. We have implemented a system to check for this during verification. If you think this may apply to you, please reach out to support, and they can deactivate the account(s) you made and then look into your verification. 


    We suggest that members attempt their verification twice, first with their current address and, if denied, a second time with a previous address. If your verification is denied after two attempts, it will be locked. Please contact support at this time, and we can look into why your verification was denied. If you believe you have submitted the wrong information and want to retry, please let us know and we can reopen your verification request. 

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