How Do I Verify My Account?

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     So, you've completed the sign-up process, filled out your profile, and are now being asked to verify your account. This quick process involves entering a few pieces of data so that we can confirm your identity. 




 We require all members to verify their account by providing information such as date of birth and address. If you’re prompted to verify your account in the app, a browser window will launch inside the app for you to log in to your Crowdtap account again and fill out your verification request form. 

     After you submit your form, you can close the browser window and you’ll be notified of your verification request being approved or denied via email. You can also check the status of your verification if you do not hear back within 24 hours by visiting and clicking on redeem.

      If you have any trouble you can always verify your account on using a laptop or desktop computer. If your verification is denied twice, please reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to help!

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