Giving quality answers

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Crowdtap is a two-sided platform dedicated to rewarding members for their insightful opinions and supplying brands and companies who post the surveys with quality intel. We ask that you provide thoughtful and thorough responses that shed light on you as a consumer.

Low-quality responses may lead to account deactivation. Avoid losing your points and potential rewards by taking your time and answering honestly. Below are a few examples of low-quality responses.

What did you like about the coffee you just sampled? 

Type Example
Keyboard mashing or spam



I don't know

No or low information


Repeating the question

The coffee I just sampled?

Off-topic or answering a different question

I drink coffee every morning.

Not insightful

I really liked the coffee.

Great responses I loved the robust and hearty flavor. My favorite way to drink it was with sugar and cream.


As a finishing touch, be sure to check your spelling. Your responses may be flagged as low quality if they are illegible. Happy Crowdtapping!