I Was Unable to Use Coupon for Sampling.

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     Sometimes, instead of receiving a product by mail to review, you will receive a coupon to use in stores. In some cases, your local stores won't have the product.

     Although you will not be able to try the product, in order for you to remain eligible for future sampling opportunities you will still need to complete your sampling report. This also applies if you did not receive the coupon code for the product you were asked to sample. If you have received an email reminding you to complete your report, click the red link near the middle of the page. That link will take you to the sample report page. 


  1. Complete your final report.
  2. Explain that the sample was not received in your report.
  3. For any mandatory photo challenges, provide a screenshot of your welcome email.
  4. If caption is available, be sure to caption your photo with an explanation about the issue in order to avoid having your photo rejected.

 Is your report grayed out and not clickable? To unlock your report:


     Make sure you've checked in your package by clicking the blue "Yes, I’m ready to start my sampling!" button. You must click this even though you have not received the product.


You may need to complete one or all of the preceding challenges in order to unlock your final report.


Need help? Check out these tips on how to take a screenshot.


If all else fails, scroll to the bottom of this page to email our Support Team!