New Points System

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The points system has changed a little bit from the previous version of the site. The points you see now when you log in reflect the number of points you currently have. In the previous version it showed how many points you had to go toward your rewards. 1,000 points are worth a $5 reward.

For example, let's say in your Points Wheel before the change you saw 200 points to your next reward. When you log in to the updated Crowdtap, you'll see 800 points on your account, or 200 points to your next reward.

Previously all points you earned were automatically cashed out every 1,000 points for your $5 Amazon gift card. So while you may have earned 3,500 points in total, you would only see 500 when you first logged in. That's because you had already cashed out your first three $5 rewards with 3,000 points, leaving 500 points toward your next reward.

The change gives you the flexibility to pick the kind of gift cards you want, and the amounts you want them in. If you want to save your points and cash out a higher value reward, you can now!

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