I'm Ready To Redeem And My Verification Was Denied.

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Here at Crowdtap we make it a priority to visit all our social profiles including those on review sites and respond to all comments regardless of the sentiment. Frequently, there are comments from members who have been banned or denied verification which is required to redeem gift cards. In an effort to remain transparent, we are taking this opportunity to express our member-focused practices regarding banning and member verification.

     Crowdtap is home to a growing community of over a million members. Every month, thousands of verified members redeem points for gift cards and/or receive samples to provide feedback to brands. Crowdtap does not require verification immediately after a member signs up. Most people are not comfortable providing a great deal of information when they are new on a site; they’re not even sure if they’re going to stick around. So we allow members to sign up, get familiar with the site and respond to actions in their dashboards.

     Once members earn enough points to redeem for gift cards, we require account verification to be completed first to ensure rewards are getting into the hands of well-intended members and not spammers (ie: those with multiple accounts intending to game the system or those who live outside of the territories Crowdtap is legally allowed to operate within). We abide by the regulations of our Terms of Service, specifically in this case, sections 4.7 and 4.8, with the intention of being able to reward and support the Crowdtap community members as a whole.

     In order for Crowdtap to remain capable of rewarding members for their honest engagement, we will always vigilantly monitor behavior on our platform and enforce banning when necessary. The more rewards that fall into the hands of spammers, the less available for members who rightfully earn them. While we know this will sometimes cause backlash on social and review sites, the majority of members who are well aware of Crowdtap’s legitimacy and who have received multiple rewards can attest that our practices are necessary and for the good of the Crowdtap community members as a whole.

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