Why Do I Have To Verify My Account Again?

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     Due to growing privacy concerns, we have received a lot of feedback from members who are no longer comfortable using Facebook. To protect your information and to keep Crowdtap protected from spam we have partnered with two third-party applications that match the data you provide us with public records. When you sign up for Crowdtap we verify your phone number and later your account information. 

     Once you have earned enough points, you will be prompted to verify your account by submitting personal information to our team for review. In order to protect the integrity of the Crowdtap community and ensure all gift cards are earned fairly, we match the personal information you provide with public records (i.e., residence files and telephone numbers) to confirm your identity. Our system pulls the matches and then our team manually reviews them to minimize errors. 

     This ensures that your identity is protected and that no one else is using your identity to claim rewards. It also protects the integrity of the Crowdtap community ensuring no gift cards are redeemed unfairly.

    Once your account has been validated, you will qualify to redeem points for gift cards. Any gift cards you redeem will be in your inbox within 48 business hours!

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