How Can I Edit My Account Information?

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      Once you have submitted your profile information on, it is locked and cannot be changed again for 3 months. You will see the date you will be able to edit your information on your profile page after submission. *This feature is not accessible on our Crowdtap application. 




     This information does not dramatically affect the actions you receive. You will still be eligible for all sampling opportunities as well. If you have moved, you can add a new address at the end of each sampling application to ensure you receive it! 

      With that being said changing your information, such as your age will not get you more actions and is against our Terms of Service. If you notice a mistake with your birthdate, please reach out to support and we can edit this for you. This is the only information we can edit on your profile, other than changing your email. All other information is only accessible by the account owner and can be changed every 3 months. 

      Life changes. We get that. You may get married, have children or buy a new house. You might even move to a whole new state. While we always want your profile to be up to date, these events don’t happen frequently. We lock your profile so you have the ability to make updates without misusing the site and services offered.

      If you are concerned about verifying your account because your profile information is not up to date do not worry, our system checks the information you submitted in your verification request. For more information on verifications check out our related articles

Still in need of assistance? Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team and we’ll be happy to help!


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