How Can I Improve My Responses To Questions?

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Companies ask Crowdtap members for real opinions about their products and services. So let’s take a quick look at a sample question and the responses it might get.

What did you like about the coffee you just sampled?

This is clearly spam and repetitive spammy behavior/answers will get your profile banned.

I don't know
We see this response a lot and it can get your profile flagged. Instead of answering, "I don't know," talk about your experience. What didn't you like, what didn't stand out to you? Use this response very sparingly. 

Even if, "Yes," answers a question being asked, this response is similar to, "I don't know." This alone may not be a valuable response and may get your profile flagged for low quality responses.

I drink coffee every morning.
The question specifically asks, "What do you like about the coffee you just sampled?" Pay attention to what a question is asking for. Even if you have a great answer, if it doesn't answer the question, it's a low quality response. 

I loved the robust and hearty flavor. My favorite way to drink it was with sugar and cream.
This is a perfect response! It answers the question and gives brands valuable feedback about their product.

As a finishing touch, check your spelling, too.

The majority of Crowdtap members enjoy taking our surveys and give thoughtful and well-worded answers. We want YOU to be in that majority. So even as you want to qualify for samplings, and rack up points to redeem for gift cards and future rewards, make sure to answer surveys thoughtfully.

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