How Can I Improve My Responses To Questions?

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     Crowdtap is a two-sided platform dedicated to rewarding members for their insightful opinions and supplying brands/companies who post the surveys with quality intel. With that being said, we ask that you provide thoughtful and thorough responses that shed light on you as a consumer. A good rule is to think bout the company/brand that might be asking the survey and to respond honestly and interview style. Let’s take a quick look at a sample survey and the responses it might get: 

What did you like about the coffee you just sampled? 


     This is clearly an unintelligible response. Random keyboard mashing/spammy answers will get your profile banned. Please be careful to prevent these instances.

I don't know

     Honestly, this is the same as no response at all. You may have to dig deep at times, but please be sure to give responses that stand out and shed light on your unique thoughts. Now is the time to be a critic, we are all ears! 


     If the survey does not specify a yes/no response, then the words alone should never be a complete response. 

The coffee you just sampled? 

     Retyping the survey or a portion of the survey results in immediate deactivation of your account. We consider this as manipulation or a way to get the points without earning them.

 I drink coffee every morning.

     The question specifically asks, "What do you like about the coffee you just sampled?" Pay attention to what the survey is asking for. Off-topic statements or responses that do not directly respond to the survey will be flagged as low-quality. 

 I really liked the coffee.

     Even though this response is on topic, it is not considered insightful because it does not provide any details that sufficiently answer the survey. Please be sure to provide responses that do not require follow-up questions. The survey is asking for a specific quality or two that you liked and this response is stating something that is already implied without further detail.

 I loved the robust and hearty flavor. My favorite way to drink it was with sugar and cream.

     This is a perfect response! It answers the question and gives brands valuable feedback about their product.


    As a finishing touch, be sure to check your spelling. Your responses may be flagged as low quality if they are incomprehensible.


    The majority of Crowdtap members enjoy taking our surveys and give thoughtful and well-worded responses. We want YOU to be in that majority. So if you want to qualify for samplings, and rack up points to redeem gift cards and future rewards, make sure to always answer surveys thoughtfully. We really appreciate your insightful opinions and enjoy seeing you earn your rewards. Happy Crowdtapping!

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