Crowdtap Video Focus Group Guide

  • Updated

Before you participate in any of the Focus Groups, there are a few requirements you should review! 

  • 3-4 other Crowdtap® members will join you in the session. 
  • Your video must be turned on during the session. 
  • Please join from a laptop or desktop computer, or tablet. (No phones) 
  • Be sure you aren’t moving and are in a place with good reception.
  • Refrain from multitasking, some interviews will be required to watch your screen.
  • We recommend connecting using Chrome browser if possible.
  • Please do not use Bluetooth headphones.

There are 5 parts to this process: 

First initial email will be for you to see if you are available for any of the specific times that the Focus Groups sessions will be taking place. 

  • Once you sign-up you will be able to select a time that works best for you to participate.
    •  This is not an automatically confirmation that you have secure a spot to be in that focus group. 
    • Once you selected a time, our team will be contacting you via email/phone to corroborate your survey answers and any additional questions that we may have to see if you are qualified per the study requirements. 
  • If selected by our team, you will be receiving a confirmation email. Let you know that you have been selected to participate in the focus group that you signed up for. 
    • This email will have additional information to prepare you for the focus group session. 
    • Is a must that you test your device before participating, there will be a button for you to do so and make sure your camera and microphone are working before the session. 
  • We will be sending another 24hr reminder email before you participating in the focus group. 
    • Make sure you click on “confirming your interview” so we know that you will be attending the focus group. 
  • The link to join the scheduled focus group session will be send to you 1hr before the schedule time.  
    • Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. 
    • However you are able to connect as early as 15 minutes prior.
    • You will be waiting in a virtual lobby room, were will be able to see if your camera and microphone are connecting and working correctly. 
    • Please note, that if your are not able to follow the rules mentioned in the first section of this article, we might remove you from the focus group. 
      1. We need people to have a stable internet connection
      2. Working Camera and microphone 
      3. Not multitasking and participating in the conversation