Video Open Ends - Guidelines and Code of Conduct

  • Updated

Our Terms of Service outline everything you need to know about any rules or restrictions that might apply to you as someone responding to surveys (a “Respondent”). Take some time to carefully review these terms so that you understand what's expected of you. 

Remember: You agreed to these terms in order to sign up as a Respondent. So if you don't meet these standards, it'll be considered a breach of our terms and we'll have to deactivate your account. 

We've shared some of the most important agreements from our terms that you should remember: 

  • You won't allow anyone else to use your account.​​ Your account is yours and yours only.
  • You won’t allow anyone else to appear on camera with you, especially kids or minors. 
  • You won't take any video recordings while traveling outside of the country listed in your profile.
  • You won’t take any video recordings while driving or operating machinery. 
  • You'll honestly answer screener questions, and you won't accept actions when you don’t meet the requirements. Abusing the VOE feature, including not answering questions or showing blank screens to receive points, can result in termination of your account without recourse for an appeal. 
  • You'll make sure that your feedback and video recordings are appropriate for public display (clients may use your recordings for their business, advertising, or promotional purposes).
  • We welcome your honest and constructive feedback, but you should never use obscene, inappropriate, or offensive language, images, or communication.
  • You'll be mindful of what your webcam displays and keep things appropriate. You’ll also make sure information that could identify you or that is personal doesn’t appear on camera (example: family photos, school diplomas, credit card statements, etc). 
  • You won't copy or take screenshots of any part of a survey.
  • You might end up reviewing products or apps that aren't public yet, so you promise to keep all information confidential.

If you have any questions or concerns, our Support Team is here to help!