Why does my account say I am donating to a charity?

Giving back to those in need is important to us here at Crowdtap, and we like to provide a way for you to support charities that are meaningful to you just by completing your Crowdtap actions. When you join Crowdtap and set up your profile, you choose a charity from the list of great causes we support (you can change your charity choice at any time in your Settings section). If you don't make a selection, the default charity option is Crowdtap Charity Fund, which supports all the listed charities equally.  

Any points you earn on Crowdtap are entirely yours, but we also count the points you earn towards the charity you selected. The charity with the most activity will receive a bigger chunk of our donations!

All the other charities get donations too, and the amount they receive each month is based on how many points the members who support that charity have collectively earned.

Tappers, you are making change not only by influencing brands and products, but also through meaningful and charitable donations!