Another member is singling me out in my discussion and I feel harassed, what do I do?

Discussion questions can bring out a wide range of opinions and ideas, but all members must express those opinions to others in respectful and constructive ways. If you feel that another member is attacking or harassing you in a Crowdtap action, please let us know and we will investigate. If we feel that the member is behaving inappropriately, we will flag and delete any questionable posts. In most cases, members who single out others in a negative way are permanently banned from Crowdtap.

When reporting an issue, please include the name of the discussion or action, the topic the conversation took place under, the name of the member, and if possible, the text or a screenshot of the comments in question. Selecting the topic "Report Spam/Offensive Post" when sending your email will ensure that the issue is investigated as quickly as possible.