What should I do if I see a plagiarized, spam, or inappropriate post or comment?

If you see a discussion post or comment that you believe is plagiarized, spam, or is offensive, please let us know and we will take a look to see if action needs to be taken. Discussion questions can bring up many different opinions and ideas and we want everyone to feel free to be creative and express themselves, but they must do so in a respectful manner. If we find a post violates this, it will be flagged and removed. If a member receives multiple flags, they will be temporarily and sometimes permanently suspended from Crowdtap.

When reporting a questionable post or comment, please include the name of the discussion or action, the name of the topic it was posted under, the name of the member you are reporting, and if possible, please copy and paste the text of their post (or screenshot). Selecting the topic "Report Spam/Offensive Post" when filling out the email form will ensure that the issue is investigated as quickly as possible.