Why do I have to authorize Crowdtap to post as me on Facebook?

Authorizing Crowdtap to post as you on Facebook is necessary because we offer tools on the site that allow you to post certain content directly to your Facebook wall, but we never post any information to your Facebook page without your permission or without you specifically choosing to do so.  You are required to allow access on Facebook because these sharing tools are offered on most actions, and you are able to post a link to webshares, share new actions with your friends, and invite new friends to Crowdtap directly on your Facebook wall with one click.  You are not required to actually post anything to your Facebook page, and nothing will be posted without you specifically choosing to share that particular piece of content.

Even if you don’t intend to share anything on Facebook, you are still required to allow Crowdtap to post as you on Facebook in order for those sharing tools to be functional for the members who choose to use them.