How do I fill out the report for my Sample Share or Hosted Party?

All sampling and hosted party actions include filling out a report at the end of the action letting the brand know about your experience. The report section is the very last step of your mission and can be unlocked only after checking in your package and verifying that you have sampled your product or hosted your party.

Each report consists of 10-15 multiple choice or short answer questions about your experience, and you will have an opportunity to add a link to a blog post if you wrote one, and the option to upload photos. You can upload an unlimited number of photos (five at a time) to go along with your report.  You can't go back and edit your answers or add more attachments later once you've submitted your report, so it's important to wait until you have everything you want to include ready to go before you start.  The final due date for your report will be listed in the mission description. 

For some tips on how to earn an excellent rating (and extra points!!) for your report, check out our blog post with tips from top Crowdtappers here. To read more about Sample Missions, check out our blog post here.