Why isn’t my Facebook account verified with Crowdtap?

If your Facebook privacy settings are blocking our tool from properly verifying your account, you’ll need to change these settings in order to successfully connect.

To do this, please:

1. Head to your Facebook homepage

2. Go to “Settings” in the dropdown menu (tiny triangle, top right)

3. Click on “Apps” on the left hand side

4. Click on the Crowdtap app

5. Make sure that you have given access to your ​friends list​, birthday and ​email​. You’ll know these are turned on when the white bubble turns blue and a check mark appears in the circle.

Please note that you may need to remove the Crowdtap app and then add it back, in order for this to work.

Once you've done this, please attempt to connect your Crowdtap account to your Facebook account again. Let us know if this works or not!