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Finding New Actions

You can find new actions to complete on your Dashboard (this is the page you first land on when logging into Crowdtap). The Dashboard allows you to see the newest available actions from your favorite brands. You can also sort your available actions by type, which is an easier way for you to complete your favorite types of actions! There are 7 types of missions available on Crowdtap: Polls, Photo, Text, Content, Discussion, Questionnaire, Sample and Hosted Party.

Polls are short and easy questions that brands will ask you. They are the actions you’ll see the most of on Crowdtap and they are also the simplest to complete. Some Polls will be multiple choice questions, while others will prompt you to read or view a piece of content from a brand and then either share that content or respond to a follow-up question. Polls are a great way for you to easily share your thoughts & opinions with brands and also for brands to get fast feedback from Crowdtap members.

Photo missions will prompt you to take a picture then post it on the site with a caption. You can expect these missions to ask you to include the brand’s product in the photo, or to complete an activity of some sort. Photo missions are a fun way for you to be creative and create cool content about brands.
Text missions are short open-ended questions in which a brand is looking to get more detailed feedback from you about a specific idea or topic. The most creative, thoughtful, or useful submissions are often starred!
Content missions will usually have an external link for you to look at and ask for your opinion on what you've just seen.
Questionnaire missions will be a series of polls about one topic, like a survey.
* Remember, some of our missions may be Contests, so keep an eye out for these and submit some awesome content for a chance to win!

Discussions are a great way to get to know other Crowdtappers as you shape interesting conversations about brands. Once you join a discussion, you will be able to write one open-ended response to each question posed. You’ll also be able to comment on other Tappers’ responses. This is a great way to interact with other Tappers on the platform, as well as an avenue to give brands your honest feedback and opinions.

Social Sampling and Hosted Party Missions are two of the most popular actions on Crowdtap. In both, brands send a selected group of Tappers some free products to test! Brands are looking to Tappers to act as ambassadors in order to share their products with their friends and spread the word. After your sampling or party, you’ll be asked to fill out a report with questions prompting you to give feedback on the product. This is a great opportunity to take pictures of you and your friends exploring the product and really let the brand know what you think. Brands also love to see you write blog posts and post on your social networks about your experience. Stellar photos, thoughtful product feedback, and social buzz often earn you a photo bonus, “Excellent” report score, or even a Top Award!