Personalize your interests and talk to brands!

Finding and Participating With Brands

You can choose from a variety of popular brands to participate with on Crowdtap, and you can complete actions for as many or as few as you please. Crowdtap offers you the opportunity to interact with some of your favorite brands and sample some of their latest products, or help influence the design of a brand new product! You can customize your interests and personal tastes so that you can find your favorite brands on your Dashboard when you log in, or on your Topics page. When a new brand that you’re eligible for joins Crowdtap, it will automatically appear on your side navigation as a brand that you have not yet joined. You’ll always have the opportunity to discover new brands in your Explore Activities Hub, or add them to your favorites!

Brand Pages 

Once you’ve clicked into a brand, you’ll land on its brand page. Here, you can see all of the actions available to you for this particular brand.

On your side profile, your profile picture will reflect your current overall point status, and that number will update as you complete your actions and earn more points.

At the top of your brand page, you’ll see your current “Brand Level,” which reflects your level of interaction with the brand, as well as how many points you can earn from the brand.

Your brand page now has an opportunity for YOU to be featured as well! Interact with other Tappers and participate in conversations, or submit awesome photos to be featured in that brand’s Top Content slideshow!