What types of missions are there?

We’ve got 7 types of Missions for you to embark on:

Polls are short and easy questions that brands will ask you
Photo missions will prompt you to take a picture then post it on the site with a caption. You can expect these missions to ask you to include the brand’s product in the photo, or to complete an activity of some sort. Photo missions are a fun way for you to be creative and create cool content about brands
Text missions are short open-ended questions in which a brand is looking to get more detailed feedback from you about a specific idea or topic. The most creative, thoughtful, or useful submissions are often starred!
Content missions will usually have an external link for you to look at and ask for your opinion on what you've just seen, like a photo, blog post, or video.
Discussion consist of a panel of interactive questions where Tappers can have conversations about real, interesting topics. Hey, you might even be helping one of the hottest brands out there develop their latest products or advertisements!
Questionnaire missions will be a series of polls about one topic. Think of these like surveys.
Sampling / Hosted party missions will get you samples of cool products to share feedback with brands you love