What's the Crowdtap Creed?

So maybe you’re a newbie and you’re just figuring all this cool stuff out or maybe you’re an old Tappin’ hat – either way, we thought that it’s about time that the Tappers finally had their very own code of honor: The Crowdtap Creed.

Always flexible to the will of the Crowdtap Crowd, the Crowdtap Creed is the Tapping community’s official word on what it means to be a Tapper.

  • a place to discover new products
  • a place to share your feedback with brands
  • a place to meet people who share your interests
  • a place to get creative and create cool content
  • a place to get closer to the brands you love & the ones you've yet to discover!

  • support & respect one another 
  • inspire each other 
  • create cool content for their friends & followers 
  • share their honest & authentic feedback with brands

  • Upload original & interesting content to share with others 
  • Moderate others as they would like to be moderated 
  • Give positive & constructive feedback 
  • Read challenge & mission directions carefully 
  • Give honest & authentic feedback 
  • Connect with brands & products that they like 
  • Share content their friends will enjoy