Why do I get an error when I try to sign up through Facebook?

We try to simplify your signup route by allowing you to link to your existing Facebook account, but all Facebook accounts linked to Crowdtap must pass our minimum verification requirements.

If this happens to you, double check a few things:

  • Is your primary email address on Facebook confirmed? Go to your Settings on Facebook. If it says (Pending) next to your primary email address, you should be able to fix this by clicking on that field and confirming your email address.
  • Is your Basic Information on Facebook filled out, including your gender? We don’t currently have a way to opt out of gender selection.‚Äč
  • Do you have your Facebook account already connected to another Crowdtap account? Only one Facebook to one Crowdtap account is allowed. If you would like to disconnect your Facebook from an old Crowdtap account, contact support@crowdtap.com.

If your Facebook account appears to comply with all of the above, please email our Support Team with a link to your Facebook profile.